31 Days of Transformative Thinking



g101After reading and enjoying James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh”,  I’ve decided to spend the next 31 Days taking his challenge and being completely positive about everything in my life.

James proposes that your mind is a garden and it will blossom if you fill it with positive seeds and rid it regularly of negativity (weeds).

He also proposes that we attract what WE ARE and not what WE WANT. I want to attract positive, happy and successful people in my life, hence I must become as such.

So, I’m hoping you all will join me to begin “tending our gardens”!

Conquer thyself,
Then thou shalt know;
Climb to the high,
Leave thou the low.
Shall him entrance
Who strives with sins and sorrows, tears and pains,
Till he attains.



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