40 Days Later… (Update on the Lemonade Diet)



I’m down 23pounds (10kg) on the 11th of May, 2015; Day 40

This is less than the anticipated 30 pounds loss because I was stealing food.

Let me confess, I just became a thief in my own house; The Fridge Raider.

fridge raider

By Day 14, I was going quite mad just thinking of drinking any more lemonade. I just couldn’t do it. It was even easier to just drink water.

So I started having fruits; one mango a day through out week 3. By the end of week 4, I was craving pepper and meat so I started sneaking to buy kidney Suya too (My sister will kill me for this but…).

I stole some groundnuts (just a handful) a few times and I think I stole a little bread the other day…

All my  ”cheating” were in really small quantities because I felt really guilty and I wasn’t really hungry. I just felt tired and sleepy most of the time.

However, weight loss slowed, but I was able to perform better at work. I also resumed walking, short walks in the evenings to keep my metabolism up.

So, I was cheating 3 days a week and just lemonade for the other 4 days.

Either way, I’m proud of my achievements so far.

My goal is 70kg so I still have 14kg (30pounds) to lose before my 31st birthday, so I would be trying another diet or eating pattern called “Intermittent Fasting”

Yes, I am going to continue trying different ways to achieve this weight loss goal, and I am hoping that this time, you (chunky monkey) reading this, will join me!



4 responses to “40 Days Later… (Update on the Lemonade Diet)”

  1. wow! you have done well! really, if I could just do this much you have done. well, my excuses (and those are exactly what they are, EXCUSES!) are: lemons are seasonal (in all fairness, I have searched for them) and marple syrup is gold, just can’t get it plus lekki and abuja are far from where I stay. there! those are my excuses for not being able to do what you have done so I applaud you 🙂 you’ve really done well Red!
    oh, by the way, anyway to help overcome my excuses? lol

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  2. i also find ptolonged lemonade diet very difficult so I am doing days of theaster cleabse followed with days of fruit shakes and then back to the lemonade cleanse. despite that cheat picture of me you saw recently. You will be sharing my diet story soon. Peace. Love and Lemonade

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