Quote of the Day

  We all have ‪different‬ perspectives on ‪life‬. We all do take different ‪decisions‬ in life each day based on our‪ ‎convictions‬. We may take ‪wrong‬ or ‪right‬ decisions ‪‎knowingly‬ and or ‪‎unknowingly‬. We may regard #decisions of ‪#‎others‬ as right or wrong. We may have a right or wrong […]


First Morning In aiming at the life of blessedness, one of the simplest beginnings to be considered, and rightly made, is that which we all make every day—namely, the beginning of each day’s life. There is a sense in which every day may be regarded as the beginning of a […]

31 Days of Transformative Thinking

  After reading and enjoying James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh”,  I’ve decided to spend the next 31 Days taking his challenge and being completely positive about everything in my life. James proposes that your mind is a garden and it will blossom if you fill it with positive seeds […]