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40 Days Later… (Update on the Lemonade Diet)

I’m down 23pounds (10kg) on the 11th of May, 2015; Day 40

This is less than the anticipated 30 pounds loss because I was stealing food.

Let me confess, I just became a thief in my own house; The Fridge Raider.


The Master Cleanse Diet (Lemonade Diet) and My Experience On It

I stumbled on the Master Cleanse Diet on YouTube. It is said Beyoncé used this to lose weight for a video shoot, so if Queen Bey is doing it, it must be worth the try right? Then I watched Abigail Van Carder’s video and I was awe-struck. The difference in her weight between Day 1 and Day 40 was so vivid that I immediately decided to try it.