How to Speak With an MTN Customer Representative in 15 Seconds or Less

Getting through to a Customer care representative on MTN Nigeria is almost as hard as trying to speak with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and gosh, I wish I were joking.

You’ve got a problem with the service but the thought of reaching your service provider is daunting because when you finally get through, the Customer service system wastes your time with long recorded messages;

” Choose language: For English Press 1, O gbo Yoruba Press 2….”

This machine goes on with its endless monologue, which in my opinion is specifically designed to frustrate us. If you are in luck, getting through to a real human being from this organisation will take you no less than 15 minutes of meandering through this labyrinth of a menu system.

This post is an attempt to save you the time and headache and help you cut through all that red tape

Step 1
Dial 180

Step 2
Wait for 2-3 seconds and just press 1 for English. If you want any other language you’ll have to listen to the list. Good luck.

Step 3
Wait for 2-3 seconds and press 9 to take you to the Main Menu

Step 4
Wait for 2-3 seconds and press 6 to take you to the Support

Step 5
Wait for 2-3 seconds and press 0 to speak with a Customer Care Representative.


You will be immediately connected to a Customer Care Representative who may or may not be able to solve your problem, at the very least you won’t spent half an hour ploughing through the protocol.

These Customer Care systems change so it is important to keep in mind that this post is valid as at July 2018. I hope this has been helpful. If it is, please remember to share.

Have you had difficulty getting through to an MTN Nigeria Customer Care Representative? Let’s talk in the comments.
As always, thank you for reading!

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